2017  Activities and Special Events

For the Sunday Service schedule and  Affiliated

Organizatons  (Judo, Fitness, Japanese school,

Boy Scouts, etc.)  scheduled meetings dates

and times,  please refer to the calendar in the

current newsletter,  found in the   "Newsletters" 

section of this website.


Dharma School
Dharma School will be on 
Sept. 17, Oct. 8, Nov. 19, Dec. 3,
Jan. 21, Feb. 18, Mar. 18, Apr. 15,
and May 20. 
Dates are subject to change.
Temple service will begin at 9 am.



Sept. 6-7   Gomonshu Visit to Maui,

             9/6 - Affirmation Rites, 5:30 pm
                    Wailuku Hongwanji


9/7 -   Gomonshu Visit to Makawao

               Hongwanji,   9:00-10:30 am


Sept. 10  Grandparents Day

Sept. 17  Children’s Dharma School
                       registration, Peace Day


Sept. 24   Autumn Higan Service
               Reverend Murakami


Oct. 22    110th Anniversary 

              9:00 am Service with Lunch

                   and  Activities to follow

Nov. 11-12   Nembutsu Seminar

                         With Rev. Haneda at
                          Makawao Hongwanji

Nov. 12   Perpetual Memorial Service

Nov. 26   Social Concerns Sunday

Dec. 2    Garage Sale

Dec. 3   Bodhi Day Service

Dec. 17   Winter General Clean-up

Dec. 24   Sunday Service

Dec. 30 (Sat)   Mochi Tsuki

Dec. 31   9 a.m.  Sunday Service and

                New Year’s Service




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