Welcome, and thank you for your interest in being a part of Makawao

Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. If you have any questions or concerns

about anything regarding our temple or teachings, please do not

hesitate to contact us.


For your information and clarification, membership will be counted by

family units as defined below, each counting as one (1) family unit:


• Two persons joined in marriage or civil union and their

     legal dependent(s)

• A single parent and his/her legal dependent(s)

• A single adult

Dues-paying members (family units), also called

 Sustaining Members,

shall be the governing body of our temple and the general

management and direction of the temple shall be vested in the

Sustaining Members.

These members, who are willing and able to assist the temple

financially, have voting rights at general membership meetings.

Emeritus Members are long time members who, because of

age/disability, are no longer able to conduct their personal/financial

affairs. No dues are required and they are entitled to all Sustaining

Member benefits.


The annual dues for Sustaining Members (family unit) is $300 per year.

Together with the fundraisers, donations, and dana from members and

friends, membership dues are vital to sustaining our temple and its


Financial contributions pay for the day-to-day operations of our temple,

assessment to Honpa, utilities, insurance, minister's salary,

secretary's salary, office supplies, temple repairs, Senior Program,

Dharma School, newsletter, etc.

The complete budget is available at the temple office.

Membership Benefits


As Jodo Shinshu Buddhists, our greatest benefit is the gift of the

Teachings (Dharma) and the opportunity to live a life of Nembutsu,

peace, compassion, and gratitude.

Additionally, as a Sustaining Member, these other benefits are

available to you:

•immediate access to ministerial services

•voting rights at general membership meetings

•opportunity to be a part of administrative management

•priority enrollment of your child at Makawao Hongwanji Preschool

•monthly newsletter

•Honpa Hongwanji Mission calendar

•use of facilities

•discounted fees for temple services and ceremonies

•opportunity to purchase a niche in the columbarium

•priority enrollment in the Enhanced Fitness Program


We look forward to your participation as a member of our sangha

(Buddhist community).

Please complete and return the Membership Form at your earliest


 ( Click here to open the  Membership Form) 


In gassho,

Membership Committee


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